Spring is finally here which means it’s time to switch out our winter closets. Out with the old and in with the new, right?  Well, maybe not all of it has to go but, it’s time to re-oganize and freshen up.  This is when my OCD kicks in to full gear!

Every year, I look forward to putting away my dark wardrobe, heavy coats and sweaters and replacing the, with brighter colors and my favorite light weight garments.

When you’re ready to tackle the closet Spring clean, make sure to take care of your favorite winter pieces correctly – Clear Bins and Cedar lined Containers for Sweaters are key.

I like to place my winter shoes in clear plastic bins so they will not get damaged or dusty (and I can see what’s inside).

Peekaboo Garment Bags are another great piece for storing winter piece.  The clear window let’s you see what’s inside when you’re ready to add it back to your closet.

It is always cathartic to donate or consign the things that you know you will never wear again.  I know it’s hard but, avoiding clutter allows room for fresher more fashionable pieces.  While there are a number of great charities out there, I generally use Veterans of America! In addition to being an incredibly worthwhile cause, they actually pickup everything too!

Cleaning and organizing is like therapy for me and getting ready for the new season is always exciting and a positive process.

Let me know what tips you have!

xx, Dee

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