Mother, designer, wife, traveler, entrepreneur

“The Juggler” is how I’m prone to describing myself, because no other word quite captures the widely diverse worlds I navigate as a mother, designer, wife, stepmother, traveler, activist and entrepreneur. I come from a family of doers, and am the daughter of a micro-biologist mother and radiologist father, both immigrants to the United States. So there was no way I was going to spend my days lounging!

While the landscape I share with my husband does indeed include many picturesque opportunities for lounging, I try to use those settings as fuel to inspire my collection for women on the go. My handbag collection has always been modular—everything goes with everything else. This clarity of vision allows a wardrobe (whether it’s comprised of handbags or apparel) to feel tightly-edited. I’m now expanding my collection, so watch the space for news about my upcoming offerings.

I first launched my collection of versatile luxury handbags in 2012 and was very honored to be recognized with the “Rising Star Award” for accessories by Fashion Group International. I was lucky enough to share the stage with Aerin Lauder, Lady Gaga’s longtime stylist Brandon Maxwell, and Edie Parker’s Brett Heyman, each of whom inspire me with their authentic voices. Above all, that is what I try to maintain in my own collection: a genuine point-of-view, a keen ear for listening, and an authentic voice when translating all of this into clothes women want.

I’m also engaged in causes that I care about, including Autism awareness through a remarkable organization named Autism Speaks. I’ll soon be re-launching my Twitter account to serve as an ideas platform for this important cause, which, among others, deserves a vibrant online community for gathering the most compelling resources and voices. This site, too, has expanded to reflect that things I care about and I hope you’ll visit often as I update it and react to your feedback. Let me know what you like about the site, what you don’t like—and what you care about.

xo, Dee

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