The best way to guarantee “good hair days” is to maintain healthy and strong hair. This is much easier said than done, especially when your hair is constantly colored and blow-dried.

I like to give my hair “time off” as often as I can which usually means avoiding the hair dryer and unnecessary washing.

An easy ponytail or dry shampoo will  help tie you over between washes.

I tend to prefer simple and sleek hair for everyday but for special occasions it is fun to try different looks which is usually when the curlers and hair spray come out!

I must admit that I don’t have the patience (or skill) to attempt anything too complicated but I find that large Velcro rollers are  easy to use and can give hair instant lift and body.

Having hair that you love is so important to feeling sexy, confident, and good about yourself so take the time to treat yourself and your hair!

Check out my favorite products for maintaining strong and healthy hair:

xx, Dee

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