There are exactly two weeks until Easter! When I was a child, I couldn’t wait for Easter since it meant … chocolate bunnies.  Now as an adult, Easter is still about chocolate bunnies; but it also marks the transition into Spring – warmer weather, longer days, and finally seeing the beautiful crocus, tulip, and daffodil blooms after a long, cold winter.

While I will be spending this Easter with my mom, dad, and family down in Palm Beach, the holiday is the ultimate excuse to start brightening up the home with festive flowers and colored eggs.

One of my favorites activities with Sebastian is creating an Easter Egg Tree.  Sound complicated?  It’s a lot easier than you think!

Building the Perfect Easter Egg Tree:

1.  Arrange the tree branches in a large heavy glass vase.

2. For a more colorful, playful look, partially fill the vase with Easter candy.   Pastels are a must.  Try jelly beans, robin’s eggs, or even sugared almonds.

3. To really make it special, fill the eggs with candies or sweet messages and hang them from the tree branches.

Don’t have space for a large Easter egg tree?  Try this sweet, little Egg Topiary and wreath I picked up from Target (below).

More than anything though, Easter is a special time to be together with Family and friends and relive shared traditions.

What traditions do you have?

xo, Dee

Speckled Easter Egg Ornaments // Boxed Ornament Set // Easter Tree Centerpiece // Similar Dress // Chocolate Eggs // Egg Topiary // Egg Wreath

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